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Our Community Support project is open to individuals or families who are experiencing financial hardship. Applications are welcome from anyone anywhere in the UK, regardless of faith or background. Our support includes (but is not limited to); food parcels, supermarket vouchers, travel costs, prescription costs etc.

If you are unable to complete an online application, please contact us by telephone and we will be happy to arrange for a telephone/face to face assessment.

Please Note: We can only provide Emergency Support, we do not have the resources to provide ongoing support on a weekly basis.

Some of our previous projects…

Weekly fresh meat distribution to
Local families in need.   
Hot food packs winter distribution.   
Emergency Food Parcels for
Leicester City Council Hostels.   
Card packs for local children &
children’s charities.   
Community Cohesion Events.  
Homeless Support Project.   
Homeless Support Project.   
Homeless Support Project.   

MOBILE FOOD BANK - Leicester & Surrounding Areas

Due to many requests for help from struggling families with children, we have recently set up our Mobile Food Bank which delivers essential food supplies every 2 weeks. The majority of these families are in desperate need and are not entitled to any benefits. Many are struggling to feed their children.

Please support this project by making a donation.

Alongside our work internationally supporting widows and orphans, we are also working hard to support those in desperate need here in the UK.

Please write “UK Support” in the message box.
Donate Sadaqah
Donate Zakat
Please write “UK Support” in the message box.
Donate Sadaqah
Donate Zakat


All requests for support from UK residents are dealt on our new Zakat Project website:


Leicester Zakat Food Project (LZFP)
Fulfilling our obligations
Locally and Internationally.

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Leicester Zakat Food Project | Global Support Trust