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Donate direct to our bank account.

Donate regularly by Monthly Standing Order.

You can set up a monthly standing order to GST by calling your bank, giving them our bank details, and telling them the amount you would like to donate each month. If applicable, please remember to complete an online GIFT AID form.

Donate Online using your Credit/Debit card.

Click on the appropriate box and you will be taken through to a Secure donation page.

Donate by Cheque.

Please make cheque payable to:

Global Support Trust and post to:

Global Support Trust

PO Box 10683

Donations can be sent to our Barclays Bank Account shown below:

Beneficiary: Global Support Trust

Bank Sort Code: 20-45-45

Account No: 03660354


Where Most Need






Aqiqah & Sadaqah Qurbani


Orphans & Widows


Water Wells

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Your donation will be utilised where currently there is the greatest need.

Your donation will be utilised where currently there is the greatest need.

Your donation will be utilised according to the rules for Zakat distribution.

Your donation will be utilised to carry out and distribute Qurbani meat.

Your donation will be utilised to support orphans & widows who are in need.

Your donation will be utilised to provide much needed clean water.

Jazaak’Allaah Khairan. Thank You for your Support


Riba (Interest)

Dispose of your Riba (Interest).


Fidya (Fast missed for valid reason such as illness) £2 per missed fast.

Kaffara (Fast missed without a valid reason) £120 per missed fast (To feed 60 people).

Fitrana- £2 per head

Please state ‘Fitrana’,‘Fidya’ or ‘Kaffara’ in the message box when donating.

DONATE Fitrana - Fidya - Kaffara DONATE

Support struggling local families and Dawah in the UK. www.leicesterzakat.org

This Ramadan make your donation count …

Make your Donation

25% Bigger

(at no extra cost to you)

Complete an

Online Gift Aid Form

We are now not collecting any more (Zakat ul Fitr) Fitrana